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Founded by two long-time aviation leaders, AV8USA provides a fully integrated, turnkey solution to national and international buyers as well as users of private aircrafts in the United States. AV8USA’s one-stop solution includes the purchase of the aircraft, including the legal registration and setup of ownership in the United States. AV8USA also vets the flight school / Fixed Based Operator, based on our high quality standards, who will provide the day-to-day management and maintenance of the aircraft.

Because of unique solution, we’re the partner who can best control the costs of ownership and can help you achieve the best experience.

As an AV8usa aircraft owner and aircraft operator and pilot, you can access our network of aircraft throughout the U.S., so you can fly quickly and cost effectively throughout the country and learn to fly in various climates and conditions. Plus, since all of the entry-level planes in the AV8USA network are the same, you don’t have to learn a new aircraft each time you fly out of a different airport.

As your aviation needs evolve to bigger, more sophisticated aircraft, we can help you upgrade as we have experience throughout the entire spectrum of aviation.

Just think: Being able to fly is a skill set that can set you or your child apart in the competitive corporate job market, enhancing productivity by being able to substantially save time moving around the country. It gives you a talking point with colleagues, business associates, and friends. And, it might even enable taking them up in an aircraft, which is a great, memorable way to conduct business.

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