Aircraft Ownership

A Proven Aircraft Ownership Model on a Global Scale.

Our fee covers:


Our entry-level program consists of the best-selling, technologically advanced Cirrus SR22, but we can help you acquire and then manage any type, size, or brand of aircraft you prefer.


We facilitate the U.S. registration of the aircraft. For foreign ownership of private U.S. aircraft, we partner with the leading cross-border law firms – to ensure that your paperwork is complete, accurate, and legal.

Hangar Research:

Simply let us know where you would like to base your aircraft and we will find the best place for it, conducting all of the inspections, vetting, and due diligence.

Cost Reductions:

We can arrange a leaseback agreement of your aircraft, if you desire, to a flight school. Any rental income would then substantially lower your ownership costs.


We manage your aircraft wherever you elect to base it, vetting the Flight Schools and Fixed Base Operator (FBO) who provide its day-to-day management and maintenance, ensuring they provide their services to our high standards.

Access to Aircraft in Our Network:

With us, you can fly quickly and cost effectively throughout the country and learn to fly in various climates and conditions. Since our entry-level aircraft are all the same, won’t have to learn a new aircraft each time you fly out of a different airport.


After three years, we help sell your aircraft, so you can replace it with the latest and greatest. As your needs and desires expand, we can help you upgrade, no matter what type of aircraft you want to own.

It’s that easy. See for yourself.

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